2019 vintage : A vintage that makes you smile…

It was under cool, slightly rainy weather that the start of the vine’s growing season until flowering took place. What flash a bright smile.
This is followed by an extremely hot summer period when the vines once again impress us with their adaptability, the berries get bigger, the veraison goes perfectly. A second smile appears.
When ripe, the Merlots present a lot of unexpected freshness and the Cabernet Sauvignon, after having slightly swelled thanks to the rains in September, present a perfect maturity. Warm days and cool nights help these grapes to ripen in good conditions. The smile becomes more open.
After the harvest time, the wines have very good lengths in the mouth, elegant and silky tannins, all supported by an intoxicating aroma. This last smile makes us succumb to temptation.

This is without a doubt an exceptional vintage.


Tasting: Purple color and generous wine