2018 Vintage : An Exceptional well deserved…

After a relatively wet winter, the spring rains associated with the mildness are ideal for the proliferation of downy mildew. It was necessary to provide tireless work to the vineyard to avoid the development of the disease and therefore a loss of harvest. In mid-June, the good weather appears which will allow us to breathe and it is only in July that summer settles down durably. These spring rains will now become beneficial constituting a beautiful water reserve. The alternation of hot days and cool nights, good water supply, summer weather contribute to excellent ripening of the grapes. The icing on the cake, Indian summer came to close it all, allowing us to harvest in the greatest serenity under a beautiful sun. After 2005, 2009, 2010, and 2016, 2018 is positioned among the greatest vintages of our properties. The wines are very colorful, very rich, very concentrated, harmonious, with superb soft tannins and all supported by a nice acidity.